Mad Haunted Productions is an Award Winning Live Show and Event Production Company specializing in the art of the Haunt! Under the direction of veteran show producer Keith Lock, he and his team apply their decades worth of design, fabrication and management experience to staging successful haunted attractions and events world-wide. Magical Arts and Design is our parent company. And magic and illusion are the backbone to the engaging experiences mortals encounter while visiting our haunts.  In the 35 plus years of scaring the *&$%#* out of people over 1,000,000 fearless guests have felt MAD's fear. The experiences are best described as 'being in a horror movie, where you are the star." Whether it's a traditional haunted house, or a eerie edifice such as an insane  asylum or a decommissioned cruise liner, a hay-ride or dark ride, a theatrical play or a major motion picture, the MAD man are the on the scene.  It's a scene you will never forget!