Deadly Drama Players

F A M I L Y  G A L L E R Y

Scroll over the images below and watch as some will "come back to life!"

Throughout the years literally thousands of mortals have gotten involved in the production of a MAD Haunt. Once on-board the cast and crew members are now considered the "working dead."  Whether they are volunteers from local groups, individuals with a passion for theater and fantasy, or industry professionals everyone gets active. The family that has developed through the years has come to be known as the Deadly Drama Players. The DDP is a not-for-profit acting group where the goal is to learn and develop the art of the haunt. We have chapters in many cities and the DDP has become a "thicker than blood" family. Off season social events, Haunt trips, and Haunted development workshops keep everyone busy.  Of course when the leaves start falling from the trees the DDP is hard at work creating the magic that will scare the you know what out of the masses that come seeking MAD horrific entertainment. Many of the MAD full-time professional team members started out as Deadly Drama Players. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get involved drop us a note through the Deadly Contact page. We're dying to hear from you!